Kyle Acker

There are numerous devices that we consume content on and with that comes an audience that we can communicate with. Video is the strongest way to communicate with your audience and tell your story. Anyone can film a video and post it to YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook; however creating visually interesting content with a well crafted story takes planning, time, and practice. That is where I am able to provide my skill set to my clients.

As an independent video creator, my goal is to bring my clients high value production on small budgets. This gives them a way to stand out from the vast amount of content that is put in front of their audience. I focus on the clients branding and work to craft visuals and stories that support their branding every step of the way. I enjoy working closely with clients in every step of the process so they feel confident in the end product. 

If you are a small business, non-profit, or independent artist and have a story to tell contact me today and let's make your vision happen.